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It is with sadness that I tell you Jeanette has lost her battle and died March 10th, 2005. You can contact me, her husband, at She was loved and will be missed by many.

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My name is Jeanette and I am a Home Hemodialysis patient. I was diagnosed with ESRD in April of 1998. I never felt sick or showed any symptoms. I had an accident in which I fell and ruptured my patella tendon (knee), I was admitted to the hospital for the surgery to repair the tendon and about an hour before the procedure a nurse came into my room and told me that the surgery had been canceled. My blood work showed that I was in kidney failure. I was in shock and could not believe that I had never felt sick. I was kept in the hospital overnight and a nephrolgist was called into to discuss my diagnosis and treatment options. When I met my doctor for the first time I really liked him, he seemed very determined that I fully understand all my options and that I could continue to live a normal life and do just about anything I wanted. My Doc wanted to make sure that I did not let the illness take over my life but rather I control the illness. I was presented with different treatment options, but from the beginning I liked the idea of Home Hemodialysis. This option not only let me control the times of my treatment it would also allow me to fully understand the treatment process and the disease itself.