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At Home With Dialysis
Why I Chose Home Hemo
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Why I Chose Home Hemo
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I chose Home Hemodialysis for three main reasons

More Involvement In My Treatment

Flexibility in Treatment Schedule

More Overall Control

I chose Home Hemodialysis as my treatment. Once the decision was made it became a huge commitment from not only me but also everyone in my family. My mother became my partner (backup) and we started our training in May. We spent the next 3 months going to the clinic and learning the process of dialysis with the nurses who were in charge of the home training program. When I agreed to this treatment I was the only patient doing Home Hemodialysis in my area. Most people who dialyze at home are on peritoneal dialysis. This was an issue because there was no program in place to train us. My nurses taught mostly hands on and my mother and I took lots of notes. They pulled their resources and found a manual that was from 1976 and we used it as a reference since we did not have any other materials. I started dialysis in August 1998 and went home on November 18, 1998. I have been dialyzing at home with no major complications since. I dialyze 4 times a week, which was my choice because the more frequent the treatment the better the process, will work. I love being at home. I am able to travel and work my schedule around when I want to dialyze. I decided that I would sit down and take all the notes my mother I took and write a sort of manual that would explain in easy terms everything about dialysis and all the information I wish I had when I was first diagnosed with ESRD.